3 Homemade Lower Back Pain Cream Recipes (That Work!)

natural homemade low back pain cream

Have you had enough with pain pills and OTC pain relievers with all kinds of toxins in them? Do you want to make your own homemade natural low back pain cream – In about 10 minutes? You’ve come to the right place. Making your own pain relief cream/lotion/oil is much easier than you think. Here you’ll […]

The Best Sleep Positions to End Lower Back Pain (at Night)

sleep positions for lower back pain

 When your lower back hurts – How long does it take you to find a comfortable position to sleep in? 30 minutes? An hour? Never? It’s extremely difficult to fall asleep (and stay asleep) when you have pain in your lower back. And so the vicious cycle of low back pain and insomnia begins: When […]

Inflammation in Lower Back: Top Proven Natural Cures

lower back inflammation

How long will it last? When Will I be able to go back to work? To life? It’s a literally burning question when you suffer from inflammation in your lower back. How to know what’s causing your inflammation? How to eliminate the pain without depending on pain killers for life? In this detailed guide you’ll […]

Disc Degeneration in Lower Back: Fast & Natural Recovery

disc degeneration in lower back

Stiffness, tightness, sharp pain in your lower back. Here comes up another flare up. The doctors call it “lumbar disc degeneration disease”, but it’s actually not a disease – In the traditional sense of the word. If it was, every one of us would be diagnosed with degenerative discs at some point. Why? Because just […]

Lower Back Pain During Period: Home Remedies That Work

lower back pain during period

It’s not fair, isn’t it? As if cramps, emotional outbursts and bloating aren’t enough, lower back pain before and during your period comes and joins the PMS party every single month. Why do you suffer from uncomfortable pain in your lower back each time aunt flo comes to town? Should you get checked by a […]