The Top 2 Natural Ways to Reverse a Bulging Disc in Lower Back

bulging disc in lower back

Did you know that bulging discs in the lower back are usually not painful at all?

If you have serious lower back pain and you have self-diagnosed yourself with a bulging disc than I have some news for you:

You have a herniated/ruptured/slipped disc. Not a bulging disc.

But who cares about that right term now? Bulging, herniated, slipped, ruptured – Even doctors get confused with these – All you want is to get rid of the horrific pain, right?

So you try resting, icing and heating and finally you give up and start taking (dangerous) pain pills.

How to Naturally Reverse a Bulging Disc in Lower Back

I’ll start with a sentence that I keep repeating in all of my articles (until you all finally believe it):

Your body is capable of healing itself.

I’ll repeat: A lower back bulging/herniated disc can be completely healed – Without pain killers, dangerous NSAIDs  and definitely without surgery.

What Is a Bulging/Herniated Disc?

Discs are like miniature jelly doughnuts, exactly the right size to fit between your vertebrae. They’re made out of an outer layer of tough cartilage which surrounds softer cartilage in the center.

A bulging disk looks like a hamburger that’s too big for the bun. The disc extends outside its normal place and the bulge typically affects a large portion of the disc.

Bulging usually is considered part of the normal aging process of the disk.

A herniated disk, on the other hand, happens when a crack in the tough outer layer of cartilage allows some of the softer inner cartilage to “escape” out of the disk. Herniated disks are also called ruptured disks or slipped disks.

How to Naturally Cure a Bulging/Herniated

I don’t want to get into the many, many reasons why long-term OTC and prescription drugs are dangerous to your health. I’ve preached about it enough (If you still don’t know – This is an article about the top 5 dangerous pain killers and this is an article about how they can spike your blood pressure).

One of the things your body needs to heal a bulging disc is to increase the space between the vertebrae, which can encourage the bulged nucleus to return to its proper place.

This also helps to rehydrate the disc, which promotes the natural healing of the area.

This “space increasing” will also relieve your lower back pain. The pain is caused by this pressure on the nerves causing low back inflammation.

If you relieve the pressure, the pain is relieved. As simple as that.

This process is called “spinal decompression“. It relieves the pain and allows your body to heal itself naturally – Faster.

No medication, no surgery. And you can do spinal decompression at home – By yourself, when ever you need it.

How to Do Spinal Decompression at Home

A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Rehab Medicine looked at different body positions and how they impacted the pressure within the 3rd lumbar disc.

The researcher, Dr. Nachemson found that “when you are sitting, you experience 50% more pressure on your back then when you are standing in good posture.

Even when you lie down, you still have 25% of your standing body pressure on your spine as a result of the muscles and ligaments supporting your back”.

Nachemson also found that gravity decompression at an angle where 60% of your body weight is stretching your spine allows the pressure on your discs drop to at or near zero.

There are 2 options to do spinal decompression at home. The first one is by using an inversion table (The most popular one is definitely the Teeter Hang Ups ).

teeter hang ups2

An inversion table brings a dramatic pain relief in as little as 10 seconds for some people.

But it has long-term benefits too:  Regular inversion allows your back muscles to relax, your spine to elongate and create space for your discs.

This space is vital to the discs’ ability to naturally realign, rehydrate and return to health – providing flexibility, shock absorption and improved posture.

The second option is by using a similar device – The Nubax Trio – Which has the same benefits, but is portable and much smaller – Ideal for small places.

Nubax Trio

Nubax Trio

The Nubax Trio is easier to get in and out of and it allows you to apply as little or as much traction as is needed. It only takes 3-6 minutes of treatment a day of leaning over and relaxing.

Here’s a great video comparing the inversion table to the Nubax Trio:

I’ve written a full review for both of these home devices and added videos to show you how they should be used – Right Here.

Natural Method #2 – Infrared Therapy


Infrared heating pad can relieve your back pain for 6 hours – Without medication or any side effects.

Infrared light therapy is the one of the most effective yet little known natural treatments for, well, just about anything. Using an infrared heating pad for 30 minutes can relieve your back pain for no less than 6 hours (!!) – Without medication – while enjoying many other health benefits of infrared therapy.

Unlike ordinary heating pads (I would advice you to stay away from them), which only heat the surface of your skin,  infrared heating pads are deep penetrating and completely safe. There’s no danger of burns, skin drying or any other health risks.

Far infrared rays, which are completely invisible to the naked eye, are capable of penetrating deep into the human body (literally right down to your bones) and improve circulation in the injured area. This allows for almost immediate pain relief, while speeding up the healing of the area.

This way you are not treating the symptoms, you are taking an active step to the complete healing of the your bulging disc in lower back.

At my home I have the Richway Amethyst Mini-Mat (and you couldn’t pry it from my cold dead hands), but this is a smaller and less costly (yet very good) infrared heating pad.

After months of research, I still haven’t found one testimony that infrared heating pads don’t work. Will you come back to share your experience with me? :)

As with any injury, pain or ache – consult your doctor before beginning any treatment or therapy!

To your health & happiness,



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  1. robert thompson says

    I hvve 5 herniated disked . L12-S! are all hernia to some point. I need relief without spending 12000 for PT and surgery. will these help and about long would I be looking at.

    • says


      I think they really can really help ease your pain naturally, but I would opt for the infrared heating pad, which is safe, rather than the Nubax Trio, which I’m not sure is a good idea if you have 5 herniated disks.

      It will help you to read the testimonials of real users on Amazon and see how this has helped them, you can see them if you click here:

  2. Ajinkya says

    i am 23 year old and i have l4 5 and l5 s1 disc bulge.
    last 1 year i have too much pain and now sciatic pain.
    dorctors all treatment not cure my pain.
    now home traction help me. my pain is 1 of 10.
    no painkiller. i just hanging to tree daily just 10 min form last 1 month.

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