Natural Treatments for Herniated Lumbar Disc

Your lower back hurts. The pain travels through your buttock and down a leg to the ankle or foot (this is referred to as sciatica). You may also feel numbness, pins and needles and the pain…the pain can become unbearable.

You start taking pain killers and prescription anti inflammation drugs, but sometimes they don’t seem to bring you any relief. This guide is all about the natural approach to treating this painful condition and how to get rid of it permanently.

Technically, a herniated lumbar disc happens when the outermost part of the disc begins to weaken and the inner soft part starts to press outward. Most people don’t even know they have a herniated disc until the herniation is touching the nerve.

If you’ll ask around, you will probably hear that most traditional treatments for low back herniated disc, bulging disc, ruptured disc – FAIL. This is because they treat the symptoms (i.e the pain), instead of the root cause of this painful condition.

One of the most popular posts on another blog of mine – Natural Alternative Therapies - reveals the hidden cause of herniated lumbar disc and to naturally get rid of it, by treating this hidden cause.

Herniated lumbar disc

Pain relievers will NOT solve your problem

Herniated Lumbar Disc Hidden Cause (&What to Do About it)

There are a few well known causes for herniation in the discs, such as trauma, aging, being overweight, improper lifting (either at work or at the gym) and the decrease of water in the discs (as we age). But the main cause for disc herniation (and you won’t hear this from your doctor) – is muscle imbalances.

These muscle imbalances, also called postural dysfunctions, put too much pressure on the disc that will cause increased wear and tear over time. Eventually, the weak spot will “collapse” and make contact with the nerve outside the disc, causing you some serious pain.

Your Doctor will Probably Recommend These Conventional Treatments:

  1. Ice/heat
  2. Electrical stimulation
  3. Cortisone injection
  4. Anti inflammatory medication
  5. Back Surgery

Why Do These Treatments Usually Fail?

While these options may give you some relief, most of the time it’s a temporary relief. The worst part of it is that they do NOT treat the Root Cause of the problem – muscle imbalances. If you don’t treat the root cause – A real and permanent cure cannot be achieved (does that make sense to you?)

For instance, if you decide to get a cortisone injection, which will relieve your pain for a while, that same uneven pressure is still there and sooner or later the same problem and pain will come back, in the same disc and other discs in your back.

Doctors don’t have time to properly diagnose the muscle imbalances and teach you how to fix them, so you end up jumping from one failing treatment to another, not understanding why no one can stop your pain and suffering.

How to Cure Herniated Disc in Lower Back – Without Injections, Medication or Surgery

The best treatment for muscle imbalances is Muscle Balance Therapy.

Muscle Balance Therapy starts with a careful assessment of all the muscles that your pelvis, spine and hips. If you skip this critical step, any exercise you do can be wrong and cause more damage to the area.

The next step is getting your personal program of corrective exercises to reduce the stress off your muscles, joints, and ligaments. The result is a long term solution for the herniated in lower back!

Herniated Disc in Lower Back – Natural Anti Inflammatory

Until you successfully fix your muscle imbalances, you can still relieve your pain naturally, without the side effects of prescription or OTC drugs. Change your eating habits and remove inflammatory foods from your kitchen, drink clean water, and consider using systemic enzymes to control your pain quickly.

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