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How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

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If you are one the 61% (!!) of Americans suffering from lower back pain, it doesn’t leave you alone even when the day is over. It goes anywhere with you and doesn’t let you get you a good night’s sleep, a little rest from the pain and a chance to heal.

how to sleep with lower back pain1 How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

The Vicious Circle of Lower Back Pain and Insomnia

When you can’t get a good night’s rest, your back pain gets worse (and studies have shown that you become more sensitive to pain too!). This forms a vicious cycle of lower back pain and insomnia which can easily ruin your life.

How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain (Without Medication)

First, you should know that the most important thing to do is to find out the root cause of your lower back pain. Diagnosing your back pain is critical if you want to find a long-lasting solution for your back pain. See a good doctor or a good chiropractor – If only to diagnose the problem accurately.

5 Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With Lower Back Pain

1. Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

sleeping position for lower back pain How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

Worst sleeping position for lower back pain

Your main cause of back pain while sleeping could be your sleep position itself.

Most people sleep on their side, which is fine. However, this sleeping position leaves your upper leg unsupported, which causes your lower spine to rotate. Place a pillow between your knees and thighs to prevent hip or back pain.

If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees to maintain the normal curve of your lower back. Use a thinner pillow to support your neck without pushing it too far forward.

Sleeping on your stomach is definitely not recommended, but if you can’t sleep in any other position, place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen.

One of the best investments you can make to eliminate low back pain from your sleeping position – Is a good body pillow.

A body pillow is a game changer. No wonder all pregnant women want to have one. It forces to sleep in the right position but you experience the most comfortable sleeping you’ve ever had and possibly a dramatic pain relief at night.

Here’s my post about the top 3 best body pillows for back pain. Check it out and you can thank me later…

FYI, Here’s a video demonstrating the best sleeping positions for lower back pain:

2. Mattress for Low Back Pain

best mattress for back pain How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

3 Inch Memory foam top

Sleeping on a sagging mattress is a huge contributor to back pain. In a Journal of Applied Ergonomics study, nearly 63% reported significant improvements in low back pain after switching to a new sleep system.

Most people seem to sleep best on a medium-firm mattress, but you should choose a mattress that’s most comfortable for you.

If buying a new bed is not an option right now, you have 2 other effective options: The first one is adding plywood supports between the mattress and its base. The second one is a 3 inch memory foam top like this one, which is quite cheap yet can work like a charm.

3. Natural Pain Relief Cream

homeopathic pain cream How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

100% Natural Pain Relief Cream

Applying a 100% natural pain relief cream is a good way to help you fall asleep without low back pain, while at the same time speeding up the healing process in the painful area. This one is one of the best pain relief creams I know of (all-natural of course).

4. Far Infrared Heating Pad

thrasage heating pad 150x150 How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

Far Infrared Heating Pad

This is one of the greatest, yet not so known, inventions of all time. Unlike the regular electrical heating pad (I would advise you to stay away from those), which only heat the surface of your skin,  infrared heating pads are completely safe – Without danger of burns or drying skin.

Far infrared rays, which are completely invisible to the naked eye, are capable of penetrating deep into the your body (literally right down to your bones) where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature, boost circulation and help speed up healing of injured muscles, ligaments and nerves.

The infrared heating pad provides a soothing warmth, which is hard to describe. It is deep warmth, with no perceivable source, making the experience almost surreal. It dramatically reduces my back pain, it extremely relaxes you and it helps you fall asleep, sleep restfully and restore your energy.

5. Self Massaging Before Bed

grid trigger point foam roller 150x150 How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain – 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

Trigger point foam roller

A great way to relax your muscles and relieve lower back pain before you go to bed is self massage. I have a trigger point foam roller, which is extremely helpful, especially for trigger points and muscle-knots-related back pain.

Try rolling on a trigger point foam roller before bed; you may be surprised how this little helper is all you need to fall asleep pain-free.

Bedtime Habits to Prevent Low Back Pain

A few more effective “tricks” are:

1. A hot shower – Heat relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation, thus relieving pain.

2. Stop working at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

3. Do not drink alcohol or caffeine 2 hours before bedtime.

4. Avoid sugar and heavy meals at least 2 hours before sleeping.

5. Your bedroom should be completely dark and a bit cool.

6. Don’t stay in bed too long, it may increase muscle stiffness and back pain in the morning. When you wake up, roll on your side to get out of bed.

Most importantly, take time to find out what is actually causing your pain and fix the root cause. You can learn more by reading The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. You’ll find a 7-Day action plan which shows you step-by-step how to treat your specific back pain condition.

Best of all… it’s free!

This concludes my best recommendations about how to sleep with lower back pain. Chances are that with persistence and proper treatment, you can get long-lasting relief from the pain in your lower back, develop normal sleep patterns, and enjoy quality sleep (and life) again.

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What are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below:)


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