How to Naturally “Fix” a Pinched Nerve in Lower Back

pinched nerve in lower back

Any doctor will tell you that when it comes to a pinched nerve in lower back, “early diagnosis is critical to prevent further damage and complications”.

But what’s really confusing is that you’ll be offered the exact same “treatment”, whether you’re diagnosed earlier or later.


Nice colorful pills. Those will be offered to you as a “solution”.

But your conventional doctor will teach you absolutely nothing about fixing the root cause of you pinched nerve, how to heal it completely and prevent it from coming back in a month or so.

Nor will he tell you that medication only covers up the symptoms and that the pain will come right back, until you take the next pill. And the next pill. Forever.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the best alternative, safe and natural treatments for a lower back pinched nerve, and how to fix what’s been causing it in the first place.

What Does a Pinched Nerve Feel Like?

A pinched nerve is a nerve which receives too much pressure from surrounding tissues (bones, cartilage) and as a result becomes “pinched” and unable to transmit electric signals properly.

When this nerve finally “gives up” and stops working – You feel tingling/pins and needles, burning and shooting pains (down your legs) along with feelings of numbness or muscle weakness.

Damage from a pinched nerve may be minor or severe. It may cause temporary or long-lasting problems. The earlier you get a diagnosis and treatment for nerve compression, the more quickly you’ll find relief (Source).

But by treatment, I mean alternative treatment. Pain medication is NOT treatment.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve in Lower Back?

A few common causes for back pinched nerves are:

1. Repetitive motion (Your work?)

2. Holding the body in one position for long periods.

3. Bulging/herniated discs.

4. Arthritis of the spine.

But when we look at these causes through the holistic approach, we see that all of these causes have the same root cause: Muscle imbalances.

The important thing to understand is that a pinched nerve, or sciatica, is not a condition or a disease. It’s just a symptom of something else.

Much like coughing is a symptom of pneumonia. If you want to stop the coughing, the smart way to go is to cure the pneumonia, not just swallow coughing syrup.

We’ll get to that later, and see how to reverse it – Easily and by yourself.

 The 2 Simple (&Natural) Ways to Reverse a Pinched Nerve

Curing a low back pinched nerve naturally can be done in two easy steps: Step #1 is natural pain relief. Step #2 is fixing the root cause (and preventing this from ever happening to you again!)

Step #1 – Natural Pain Relief

No one can focus on healing when the pain is unbearable. All you want right now is for the pain to go away. But I can assure you, you CAN get lightning fast pinched nerve pain relief – Without any medication.

Here are 2 of the best options:

1. In my experience and through my research the ultimate natural pain relief method is infrared light therapy.

Infrared heating pad

Infrared heating pad

A simple infrared heating pad, even the smallest one, can relieve your pain naturally in a matter of 30 minutes, for about 6 hours – Without any pills.

Infrared rays (invisible red light rays, part of the sun’s light spectrum) penetrate deep into your tissues, all the way to your bones, quickly boosts circulation in the area and promotes the arrival of pain relieving and healing nutrients via your blood.

Infrared therapy can be a powerful and safe pain relieving method and no side effects were found in research until today.

Just read a few of the hundreds of reviews in Amazon (look for the real ones, that say “Amazon verified purchase”) and  the amazing healing stories will lift your spirits and give you something to look forward to (if you get one for yourself…).

If you want to learn more about this natural pain relief method, see my article about why infrared therapy is the ultimate pain relief method and my reviews for the Top 2 Infrared Heating Pads in the market.

2. Inverting is another highly effective natural treatment for pinched nerves. Inverting immediately takes the load off the compressed nerve and allows for 2 things to happen:

** Natural (and sometimes immediate) pain relief (by removing the pressure).

**Increasing the space between the vertebrae allows for rehydrating the discs in your spine.If your pinched nerve is caused by a herniated or bulging disc, this step could be very helpful and with time and commitment, even lead to the complete healing of your back.

teeter hang ups2You don’t have to use an inversion table (if you do – here is the complete buying guide) if you have doubts about gravity tables. You can use any home spinal decompression device and get the same results.

The two best alternative options are the Nubax Trio and the Teeter Back Stretcher.

You can see my detailed review for the Nubax Trio – HERE.

And here are the best ways to do back traction at home.

Step #2 – Fixing the Root Cause

Now that your pain is relieved, you can focus on treating the root cause of your pinched nerve. The best way to do that is by rebuilding the support structure of your back.

A healthy back comes from within. You can’t fix it with a pill. You can’t get it from a gadget. And the surgeon can’t install it on the operating table (too many back surgeries fail or produce no results at best).

 You should consider physically rebuilding your “back support system”. In simpler terms – Restore the muscle balances in your lower back.

You can learn more about muscle imbalances, how they caused your pinched nerve in the first place and how to fix them in HERE.

What’s your experience? Have you tried any alternative therapies to cure a pinched nerve in lower back?

To your health & happiness,



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  1. Kevin Martin says

    Thanks for writing this article. I’ve been having extreme pain in my lower back lately and the pain sometimes makes its presence in my right leg. Your article really shed some light on the situation for me. By the way, I found your site through Yahoo! Answers.

  2. Theresa says

    This article assumes the pinched nerve is in the lower back. What if it is instead in the neck or shoulder, feeling sharp pains radiating down the right arm, for example?

  3. Peter L. Griffiths says

    The kind of trapped nerve I suffer from gives me pain in the calf of my right leg after walking about 500 yards, which is relieved by my sitting down for a few minutes. Are there any peculiarities about this kind of trapped nerve which could help its cure?

    • says

      No, I don’t think there’s anything “special” about this, but I would definitely consult with a professional about this, since I’m not a doctor.

      If I were you, I would definitely try infrared heat therapy, to help reverse your situation faster.

  4. Mikayla says

    Hey there.

    So I’m 14, and have had this shooting pain from my lower back down through my legs (my left is very significantly worse than my right). This only began when I began participating in this years school basketball team. Is there anything else it could be aside from a pinched nerve, and how do you locate where the pinched nerve is? I haven’t gone to a doctor yet and this has been going on for 2-3 weeks now. Do you think there is possible damage? Please let me know.

    • says


      I think it definitely has to do with basketball practice, and I wouldn’t call it “damage” but it’s probably a sports injury.

      Why not go to a doctor and diagnose it?

      And most importantly – I wouldn’t continue with sports until you diagnose the problem to make sure you don’t cause further injury.

      It could be multiple things – All treatable and with proper rest it will probably go away on its own.
      But I’m not a doctor and you should see one, o,k?:)

      Good luck!

  5. Phyllis Vath says

    I have a herniated disc in the L5 area of my back. I went to a chiropractor because it was causing me some pain in my right leg. Previously, I had gone for therapy for this cause and I was told to do hip raisers which ultimately caused pain in my right buttocks and upper right leg. I then went to the Cleveland Clinic to see a spine surgeon. He told me that he would not do any surgery on me because my bones were not good enough. He then prescribed Neurontin which has not done me a bit of good. I was told that I had a pinched nerve and am now trying to get this thing fixed but do not know who can help me.

    • David Fischer says

      I have a Hang Ups Inverion table. I’ve been using this for 17 yeats. I would recommend the Sports model and highly recommend inversion. I also have the Gravity Boots which I use at the gym. I believe you will have success with this. Good luck.

  6. Angie says


    I have has a stiff soreness in my lower back for a few months. Really sore and painful when I try an do squats at the gym or at home. I have an herniated disk and when I used inversion table it is extremely painful and stiff to lean forward just to unlock my feet and get off. Is this normal and can you give recommendations on how long to hang and how often? Also heat versus ice? Thanks

    • says


      As for inverting, you can ask someone to help you get off the inversion table so you won’t suffer the pain. You are supposed to feel dramatic pain relief after using it, if you are not getting that after a few times, inversion may not b e a good idea for you.

      Generally, you start with just a few minutes every day – about 5 minutes at a low angle – And work your way up, every day another minute. But only if you feel results.

      As for heat vs. ice – Ice is better fitted for just after injuring yourself – In your situation I would use heat – But just “regular” heat – Infrared heat. An infrared heating pad is an amaing drug-free way to relieve back pain and that’s why I have written about it in the article above.

      I hope this helps and hang in there – You’re going to get better soon.

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