Pinched Nerve or Pulled Muscle: How to Know

Ouch, it hurts. Your back. Suddenly.

But how can you determine the CAUSE of the ouch? Is it a pinched nerve or pulled muscle? Sciatica or piriformis syndrome? Herniated disc or stress? And How do I make it go away?

Finding the cause of your back pain without a physician’s examination is difficult. And many times a physical examination will NOT give you the answer, or give you the wrong one.

 However, this guide will reveal 2 simple ways determine if your back pain is caused by a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle. And of course – What to do about each.

Pinched Nerve or Pulled Muscle?

Clue #1

Pulled muscle is usually described as a dull aching pain. Injured muscles can cause a surprising amount of pain and can become inflamed and spasmed, causing back pain and significant stiffness.

Pinched nerve feels like sharp-shooting pain and may be accompanied with numbness and tingling.

 Clue #2 

Pulled muscle is usually localized in one area. The area should feel tender when touched and when you try to use the muscle, you feel immediate pain.

Pinched nerve pain usually radiates down the length of the leg, so you feel back pain along with pain in one or both your legs.

 How to Heal a Pulled Muscle in Back

A muscle strain, also called a pulled muscle, occurs when a muscle is over stretched or over worked, and small tears occur within the muscle.

A pulled muscle can take up to 6 weeks to heal completely. Even though it’s the most common cause of back pain, there is not much you can do about it except for icing, gentle stretching and massaging and or taking pain relievers (no more than a few days!).

 How to Heal a Pinched Nerve in Back

There are a few possible causes for a pinched nerve (slipped disc, herniated disc, ruptured disc, degenerative disc disease and piriformis syndrome). But no matter the cause, there are 2 simple steps you have to take to NATURALLY cure your pinched nerve.

Do not fool yourself to think that it will go away or heal on its own and please do not start relying on dangerous pain medication to keep your sanity.

Check out my guide about the 2 simple steps and take action now, before it gets worse (and the pinched nerve gets on your nerves…)

So, what did you find? A pinched nerve or a pulled muscle?

 To your health and happiness,


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  1. I have had recurring pain in my lower back and down the front of of my leg for 2 week's straight. ice then heat and major pain pills. nothing working but staying off of it.any ideas for relief? Mri shows nothing says

    Mri shows nothing. Can’t put weight on leg.taking pain pills. Don’t help much.

  2. jessie says

    pain from center of spine forward tward frount along rib cage from breast line to hip contant with sharp pain when moving woke up with this over a week ago any sugestions

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